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Ninja Gaiden 2

I was close to quiting tonight, as the beginning to chapter 8 sucks.  I definately hate the guys that spit out 40 rockets/second.  Whatever happened to blocking nuclear explosions?  But no, I have to get 30 rockets to the face along with giant mech guys along with dogs throwing exploding shurikens…and whatever else there was.  I ended up saving after each battle, and running people around to avoid the rocket dudes.  After all that was over, things got better.  That is, there were fewer 30 rockets/second guys.

Not a fan of the exploding shurikens either, but I’ll deal with that.  The beginning to this chapter ensured I wouldn’t go play on path of the Warrior.


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  1. I recommend Braid if you want a short little game that’s a little challenging and thought provoking. I just finished that, and it was worth the MSPoints to me. The puzzles were really good. The story or message behind is kind of a take it how you want to, but the whole thing is a really nice small puzzle platform game.

  2. waaaah wah wah.

    Ok.. I totally agree with the bit about the rocket guys. Even with insane dodging that I’ve developed since NGBlack, those guys are the biggest pain. The exploding shurikens suck too, but at least you can “block” their explosion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve died from being volleyed back and forth b/t 2 of those rocket-cluster jerks.

    Easily one of the cheapest enemies in the game, and one of the least satisfying to kill.

    You should just play more DotA

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