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From time to time I might update on what game(s) I’m currently playing and any thoughts I have on them.

Games right now:

Ninja Gaiden 2

I’m finding this a lot more fun than I expected.  Granted, I’m playing in the lowest difficulty – but I didn’t want to get too frustrated with it.  I’m finding it a bit too easy, but I prefer that over giving up the game because it eventually gets too frustrating to have fun with it.  The camera is pretty bad – you really have to manage it a lot.  The character designs are absolutely ridiculous, but I guess that’s how NG fans like it[, JIM].  The story is equally forgettable.  The combat, however, is a lot of fun.  It’s fast-paced and brutal, with a pinch of grace tossed in.  I haven’t really used any weapon other than the Shredder gloves (whatever they’re called) since I got them, though…which makes me wonder if there isn’t too much balancing on the weapons, or if my play style just makes them work better for me.

Resistance: Fall of Man

I just started on this on Friday night.  I bought it because I felt like getting a new game and thought expanding my PlayStation 3 library to 2 might make it more worth it (haven’t bought too many Blu-Ray movies yet).  I can tell that its design is a bit dated, but I’m enjoying it overall.  I haven’t played too much of it, so I can’t comment much on the details.  The only weapon I’ve gained is the standard issue gun to the Chimera.  It’s pretty interesting – utilizing the secondary fire as a tag to attract bullets to a la The Fifth Element.  I played a bit of the multiplayer, and the spawn points are atrocious.  I didn’t play long enough to find out anything else about it.

Dead Rising

I’m not sure if I should leave this on the list, as I’m not too sure I’ll ever go back to this game.  Lord knows I’m late to the party, but good God is the save system bad in this game.  I’m also missing the 2 years of third-person control standardizing that has happened since its release, as the controls are definately not optimal.  I loved the demo, because the zombies were hilarious and I could find lots of things in the mall that made killing the zombies even more fun.  However, with the objectives added in with the time limits, I’m finding all the charm draining.  It also drives me crazy that in the first area there aren’t any good stores around.  I took this out of my tray and started on NG2 a week and a half ago, and with Fallout 3, Fable 2, and Mirror’s Edge approaching, I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever give this game another shot.  Lord knows I definately won’t be getting the X-Buster.

4 thoughts on “Currently Playing…

  1. FIRST.

    hah… oh man. I just had to be that guy.

    also, can you play Crysis?

    Heckling aside, nice work. Keep it coming, b/c I need to be reminded of why I’m trying to graduate from time to time.

    Also, post warez plz.

  2. by the way… which characters in NG2 specifically merited a name-drop on me?? 😛

    The most ridiculous one is that bimbo sidekick of his… and if that’s the one you’re talking about, then I’m gonna kick you right in the cow.

    But ya, anyone who grabs any NGaiden game for a good story might as well pick up Madden.

    Definitely stay on Acolyte mode if you’re wanting to do all the single-weapon playthrough achievements. And I know you are. After all’s said and done, if you’re comfortable controlling the camera (right trigger FTW), it’s at least worth a shot on Warrior. If you want anymore info overload on nuances of NG2 might exist only in my head, shoot me a line… I know I’ve already subjected Pat to enough.

  3. Ryu: Hm…who is this chick? Is this some kind of bad birthday present from one of my creepier co-workers?

    Boobs McSidekick: I work for the CIA.

    Ryu: Are you an intern? I can’t imagine that fits the dress code.

    Then of course there’s the werewolves, with their unhinged snake jaws. Are they supposed to have evolved from King Dodongo, or something?

    We’ll see about trying warrior mode. Maybe next summer, when releases are sparse and I’ve caught up on everything I’m playing. Though I’ll probably just play Shadow of the Colossus or Ocarina of Time again instead.

  4. they definitely didn’t throw in Boobs McSidekick in for me. She’s the reason I skip all the cutscenes on my multiple playthroughs… especially when Laura’s around.

    I have a hard enough time convincing herself that I still think she’s attractive after she watches America’s Next Top Model… and a lot of those women are weirdos. Man that show makes me want to punch a puppy.

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