TouchSmart Community Site Launches

The site is geared mostly towards developers and includes the TouchSmart Software Developer Guidelines.  They’re currently having a contest for the best touch applications.  Runner-ups will receive a 22″ TouchSmart PC and their applications will be shown at CES 2009.  The grand prize winner will receive a 25″ TouchSmart PC and will get the chance to go to CES 2009 themselves to show off their work.

Check it out.

2 thoughts on “TouchSmart Community Site Launches

  1. So do people already have TouchSmarts that they can develop these applications on or what? Cause I totally want to port Artillery action to TouchSmart :).

  2. One would think most on the site would already have a TouchSmart. It’s entirely possible to make something without one, though, as a single touch is the same as a mouse click. Two-touch operations, however, would require the hardware to test out (or a clever way of emulating).

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