Just a Bit: Improving Graphics Card Performance

I spent a little of time with some people over at AMD the other day, looking at ways to better utilize the video card using WPF.

A useful little chunk that came from that was using the Freeze method on UI elements that are being manipulated. This tells the video card to use the texture already in video memory instead of unloading the old one, performing the manipulation, and loading a new texture into memory. Since this is the most expensive action that can be done with a video card, using Freezable members can make things look much smoother.

Here’s an example:

private void Window_TouchMove(object sender, TouchEventArgs e)
    Point touchLoc = e.GetTouchPoint(this).Position;
    TranslateTransform unfrozenTransform = new TranslateTransform(touchLoc.X, touchLoc.Y);
    ManipulatingChild.RenderTransform = (TranslateTransform)unfrozenTransform.GetAsFrozen();

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