Delay of Game

Back when I reflected on last year, I shared that I had a daughter on the way. Taking that and my recent inactivity into account, you may have been able to piece together that yes, indeed, I am now a father. Adalae Claire Eichacker was born on April 21st (I know, its been awhile).

Of course she has completely changed my life and I’m now in the shell shock phase of figuring out what the “new normal” is. To make things harder, my grandma passed away just a couple of weeks later.   After taking three weeks off for paternity and bereavement leave, I came back to work just as a big release was being finished up and a new project was beginning.  Now, the World Cup is going and I’ve started a side project (more on that later).

So suffice it to say, I’ve been a bit busy and this blog is getting LONELY.

Do not fear, however!  This has happened before, and will likely happen again.  I have plenty of posts in my drafts to finish or write, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more as I figure out how to balance being a father, husband, gamer, and programmer.  Oh, and blogger.  Also, superhero.

Ok, ok.  Scratch that last one.

2 thoughts on “Delay of Game

  1. YAY Being a super hero.

    Side project eh. This doesn’t have anything to do with the Source SDK double jump work you were starting on a couple of weeks back does it ;).

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