Where I’ve Been

Shortly After my daughter was born, I wrote to let you know that life was crazy and I’d be getting back to posting soon enough. I proceeded to complete my series on WPF 4.0 muti-touch and left you shivering and alone for 9 months.

Now, I have returned with the warm blanket of a new layout, some enthusiasm, and a lot of empty promises new stuff to show you!

Adalae is now 10 months old, gigantic, and starting to crawl. She’s certainly been a large reason for the infrequency of posts. Sorry, but she wins. You lose. Every time. Excuse me while I include an obligatory adorable photo:

Work has changed a lot over the past year, which is another reason/excuse why I haven’t been posting. I’ve typically shared things I’ve learned while working, but the projects I had been working on left me a little short on interesting material that I could really share.

Things finally stabilized, and I am currently working over at Palm on the Kindle app for the newly-announced HP TouchPad. Since I’m no longer working primarily with WPF, you likely won’t see much more of it in upcoming posts. However, I’ll be excited to share, in due time, what I’ve learned about Enyo, the latest version of Palm’s mobile development framework.

So, that’s where I’ve been. I would tell you that I plan on posting here more often, but we both know it would just jinx us for another 9 months. Instead, I’ll just stare awkwardly into the distance with a hopeful look on my face.

2 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. But in the banner your eyes are closed. You promised to stare in the distance! Record-breaking promise breaking!

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