A New Journey Begins

Here we are again. A dusty blog and something to announce. I won’t even pretend that I’ll be updating more often this time; I now have another daughter on the way, and we both know how that turned out last time. I did want to post about a couple other changes, though.

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Kindle for webOS

Last year, I was planning on showing you how to build webOS applications using the Enyo framework. After a year and a half of working on the Kindle app for webOS, I was excited to show you how easy it was to build for the platform. I learned a ton about JavaScript and web technologies, and enjoyed working on a new form factor. The TouchPad shipped, and I was wondering what app I would work on next.

Well…then, it got weird.

All webOS devices were canceled or discontinued, and the webOS team was left wondering what the future held for the team and its efforts. After awhile, it was announced that HP would release the platform to the open source community. Many left, others were excited.

After awhile and some reflection, I decided it was my time to leave HP. I began the long, exhausting process of interviewing around different companies around the Bay Area. Then, in February, HP announced a sizable reduction in the webOS team. I was included.

By the grace of God, I was already in the middle of the interview process for a couple of companies, and gladly accepted a position as a Senior UI Engineer at Netflix (no, I can’t get the show you like on instant). I joined the TVUI team, which is responsible for the Netflix apps on the PS3, Wii, TVs, and other CE devices. My team is composed of brilliant people and, in just a couple of months, I have already learned a great deal from them. I’ve loved crafting rich, media-centered UI since I started at HP, and it’s very exciting to work on a form factor that will be evolving rapidly over the next few years.

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Netflix: get a subscription...or ten!

I value my time at HP highly. I worked with some great people, learned a lot, and contributed to software shipped on millions of desktops, laptops, and tablets. I began there fresh out of college and have grown these past 4 years a great deal, with the influence and support of my colleagues there. I wish them luck as HP shifts along with the markets it serves.

Obviously, I won’t be writing any posts on building apps on the webOS platform; however, if you’re interested, I’d suggest you check out Enyo. It has morphed into a cross-platform JavaScript UI framework, and I’m sure it is still just as easy to use.

My future posts will mostly be about JavaScript. Some will be about gaming. Maybe a few on general software engineering. Sorry, none will discuss the intricate differences between types of cheeses, nor their profound impact on the Renaissance time period (nope, not a single one).

Where I’ve Been

Shortly After my daughter was born, I wrote to let you know that life was crazy and I’d be getting back to posting soon enough. I proceeded to complete my series on WPF 4.0 muti-touch and left you shivering and alone for 9 months.

Now, I have returned with the warm blanket of a new layout, some enthusiasm, and a lot of empty promises new stuff to show you!

Adalae is now 10 months old, gigantic, and starting to crawl. She’s certainly been a large reason for the infrequency of posts. Sorry, but she wins. You lose. Every time. Excuse me while I include an obligatory adorable photo:

Work has changed a lot over the past year, which is another reason/excuse why I haven’t been posting. I’ve typically shared things I’ve learned while working, but the projects I had been working on left me a little short on interesting material that I could really share.

Things finally stabilized, and I am currently working over at Palm on the Kindle app for the newly-announced HP TouchPad. Since I’m no longer working primarily with WPF, you likely won’t see much more of it in upcoming posts. However, I’ll be excited to share, in due time, what I’ve learned about Enyo, the latest version of Palm’s mobile development framework.

So, that’s where I’ve been. I would tell you that I plan on posting here more often, but we both know it would just jinx us for another 9 months. Instead, I’ll just stare awkwardly into the distance with a hopeful look on my face.